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nurture X nature


with Libby Hoffmann
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nurture X nature | Evergreen is a self-led journey to sustainable soul level self care. It is for you if you wish to experience the magical Nurture X Nature journey at your own pace, and during any season. You will be empowered to awaken the sacred woman within, and to embrace soul level self care in harmony with your unique gifts and the natural rhythm of Mother Earth, so you can...


+find joy and purpose in your life, every day and in every season

+feel more confident being you and less stressed through change

+finally drop the guilt of comparison to love you for YOU


Invest in yourself with Nurture X Nature Evergreen below

Login to your Evergreen account here



Evergreen includes all the original elements of the NxN seasonal experience, but it is an independent self paced journey.


What you get:

>>> lifetime access to 4 prerecorded Learning Modules, which are a mix of video, audio, and written material

>>> beautiful digital NxN Guide, setup to support you for at least 8 weeks, with rituals, activities, and more to personalize your journey

>>> exclusive 20% discount to addon a live Personal Human Design Session

VIP UPGRADE: Upgrade to Evergreen VIP and receive a personally curated Body Abundance self care toolkit and Human Design Roots Session. Request VIP details >>here<<



nurture X nature | Evergreen is open for you to begin your journey at any time you choose. You receive lifetime access to course content directly after purchase.



a self guided

Nurture X Nature journey



*5% of your investment

is donated to The Nap Ministry

Request a payment plan here.

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