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rest + rebirth for the modern woman

We are designed to find sanctuary within ourselves first.

This is the new age. And in the new age is when we remember what our ancient hearts have known all along: we are whole. Modern woman, you don’t need to consume more from outside yourself. You don’t need to do more, to experience more. You don’t need to work harder to receive more abundance.

To live the bright abundant life you were created for, you simply need guidance to take up divine space. You need courage to meet your inner sovereignty—the shadows and the light. You need a guide that will not try to change you, but one that will help illuminate your complete being, so you can find your own way home to YOU.


I know and trust the depth of my innate strength + wisdom. My gifts are seeing the unseen, facilitating inner healing, and transformation through depth. I create peace + stability. I am a creative activation of Source light. I build a bridge of Love + Truth between humans and mother earth, so we can thrive together.

You were created whole. I was created for this work. This is why I offer SANCTUARY to you.   <3 Libby

>>>This guidance facilitates deep embodiment of your soul’s blueprint, so your desires and purpose become crystal clear.

>>>You will rediscover the strength and wisdom available within yourself and within mother nature, so you can transform your shadows into tools for creating more success, peace, joy, and satisfaction.

>>>You will emerge from Sanctuary rested, fortified, and transformed, so you can BE the powerful woman you desire to be in all aspects of life.

Inside Sanctuary, you receive:

+ 9 intimately guided weeks with Human Design Guide Libby Hoffmann, including a variety of pre-recorded and written material tailored to your individual journey, with lifetime access

+ Luxurious Soul Level Self Care toolkit personalized to your individual human design

+ 6 1:1 live guidance sessions, recorded for lifetime access

+ Lifetime access to Soul Level Self Care | the Masterclass

+ Color Concepts ebook| a guide to the Human Design Centers inspired by the rainbow, by Libby Hoffmann

+ BONUS 1:1 private energetic healing session with a fellow trusted lightworker who is handpicked for you

Claim your Sanctuary <<here>>

It’s time to let go of uncertainty + doubt. No more hiding. It’s time to face the shadows, not go around them. It’s time to illuminate all the beautiful parts of yourself, so you can claim true abundance in this lifetime.

This is not just personal growth. This is an initiation. For us and the next generation. If you’re pulled to this sacred work, and feel deep inside that this is a necessary part of your journey, then you're ready to be welcomed into SANCTUARY.

Extremely limited 1:1 spaces are available by request. Apply for your space below. Or send a message to ask questions.

deep personal guidance

with Libby Hoffmann


$2449- USD

*5% of your investment is donated

to Black Sanctuary Gardens

Flexible payment plans are available;

you may request more info with your application

>> Request Application here <<

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