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Libby Hoffmann

the original Moderne Homemaker

Bonjour beautiful soul! I'm Libby, short name for Elizabeth, but my "real" name is kind of a long story ;-)

In Human Design I'm a 2/4 Emotional Projector. Science + Nature is my favorite combo. Empowerment is my jam. I'm a 30-something modern womxn, wife, mother, and fur baby mom. I’m an Appalachian native and have a deep reverence for my people and local land.

There was a time when I felt lost in the hustle of modern life. I felt the stirrings inside myself for something different, but I was too afraid and confused to trust my own wisdom. I knew I was made for a purpose filled life, on my own terms, but I didn’t know where to begin.

Through my self discovery journey, using Human Design and other holistic tools, I realized why I had felt so lost. I was tired of the surface level strategies that were not in alignment with who I really was. I found the deeper levels of self care available to me— at a soul level. And so the Moderne Homemaker movement was born.

My mission is to help you feel connected to your life here on Earth, by discovering who you are at a soul level and by nourishing the body + mind that is here to support your journey.


You make a home for your soul with every breath you take. You have the choice for it to be limiting or freeing. I am here to guide you to the freedom.

I'm so grateful that we connected. I'm excited to see how our paths intertwine. You're invited to make your soul at home.

Love through all seasons,

<3 Libby

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