Libby Hoffmann

the original Moderne Homemaker

Bonjour beautiful soul! I'm Libby, short name for Elizabeth, but my "real" name is kind of a long story ;-)

I have Aquarius Sun - Libra Moon - Leo Rising. In Human Design I'm a 2/4 Emotional Projector. Science + Nature is my favorite combo. Empowerment is my jam. I'm a 30-something modern womxn, wife, mother, and fur baby mom. I’m a West Virginia native, wild and wonderful, and have a deep reverence for my people and local land. #MontaniSemperLiberi

I believe we are all light, and I know I'm here to shine the light God gave me. But tbh, I wasn’t always living this way. There was a time when I felt lost in the hustle of modern life. I felt the stirrings inside myself for something different, but I was too afraid and confused to trust my own wisdom. I knew I was made for an abundant life, on my terms, but I didn’t know where to begin to claim it.

Through my journey of self discovery, using Human Design and other holistic tools, I realized why I had felt so lost. I was tired of the surface level BS that was not in alignment with who I really was. I knew there was a depth to myself waiting to be explored. I knew there were levels of self care that were available to me beyond the surface—at a soul level. And so the Moderne Homemaker movement was born, from my experience and desire for more: freedom, truth, beauty, abundance.

My mission is to help you feel connected to your life here on Earth, by discovering who you are at a soul level and by nourishing the body + mind that is here to support your journey. To make your soul at home. That's what Moderne Homemaking is all about. You make a home for your soul with every breath you take. You have a choice for it to be limiting or freeing. I am here to guide you to the freedom.

I'm so grateful that we connected. I'm excited to see how our paths intertwine.

In Love + Light always,

<3 Libby

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