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We Are All Light

An illustrated children's storybook, inspired by the four Human Design Types, to remind us all of the power of our internal and eternal light.

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"In this modern age, we have the choice + privilege to share the complexity of what makes us each unique (our Human Design) in a simple yet powerful way. It doesn’t have to be complicated.


That is why I created, We Are All Light…to make Human Design simple, fun, and inclusive—for our children, and our children’s children.


It is a remembering of the harmony we’re destined for. It is a seed for us to plant in the fertile soil of now, so our future children will have the opportunity to be nurtured with this knowledge from the moment they’re born.


So we can all thrive together, being exactly who we were each designed to be."

--Libby Hoffmann | Moderne Homemaker










Purchase We Are All Light with flat rate shipping within the continental US   $33- USD

*$1- of each retail purchase of We Are All Light is donated to UNICEF to support children and families worldwide.


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