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We Are All Light

We Are All Light is a kid friendly introduction to human energetics, inspired by the Human Design System.


Through the book, your children (and your inner child!) will better understand and appreciate their unique inner qualities. We Are All Light empowers kids of all ages to honor our differences, so we can all shine bright together.

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"In this modern age, we have the choice and privilege to share the complexity of what makes us each unique (our Human Design) in a simple yet powerful way. It doesn’t have to be complicated.


That is why I created, We Are All Light…to make Human Design simple, fun, and inclusive. Each Human Design Type is beautifully illuminated for kids of all ages.


It is a remembering of the harmony we’re destined for. It is a seed for us to plant in the fertile soil of now, so future generations will have the opportunity to be nurtured with this knowledge from the moment they’re born. So we can all thrive together, being exactly who we were each designed to be."

Libby Hoffmann - Moderne Homemaker

Libby Hoffmann Author of We Are All Light ISBN 978-0-578-33422-6
We Are All Light by Libby Hoffmann ISBN 978-0-578-33422-6 a Human Design children's book

We Are All Light by Libby Hoffmann

ISBN 978-0-578-33422-6

A featured selection at the

Empowered Kids Book Fair!

Reviews for We Are All Light



"I highly suggest that if you have children, you get them this book. Libby is one of the most gentle souls I’ve ever met and everything she does is done with the highest intentions and grace."

— Lauren M, mom of two

"I got the book yesterday. It’s absolutely gorgeous! We love it!"

— Kate P, mom of two



"I hope all of you with kids in your life will buy this book!!!! With so much yuck in the world, I’m happy to see some light coming through."

— Felicia S

"It’s sooooo pretty!! Great design and I love the feel of the pages."

— Karen G, bookseller + mom

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE We Are All Light! It’s so adorable and to the point. My friend is a Reflector and I shared what you put about Reflectors [in the book] and she loved it! She has kids and is loving that this is what you do— bring HD to moms!"

— Karla L


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