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Nourish Your Body

with Libby Hoffmann - Moderne Homemaker

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No matter what season I’m in,

taking time to connect to my body

with nourishing food is so important

for my wellbeing.


So that no matter what life brings,

I can keep feeling:

Are you living your best life?

A few years ago, I certainly was not. I took a closer look at daily life in my body, and it didn’t make me hopeful for the future. I consistently dealt with tummy and sinus issues, worsened PCOS symptoms (irregular menstrual cycles) and a whole bunch of other uncomfortable and unsightly problems that affected my body, and in turn my mind and soul.


I knew deep inside that I was made for more. But my outside didn’t match my inside. My soul’s desires were disconnected from my body's potential. I didn’t know where to begin to make a change. Then I remembered:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with
a single step.”

--Lao Tzu

The first step I took to bring me back home to myself was a 30 day reset for my physical body. I got real with the food I was eating, and I educated myself on what foods are actually nourishing. I equipped myself with the correct tools + support. It was scary to dive deep, but crucial to the healthier person I am today. The right fuel for my body brought me freedom.
It literally transformed me from the inside out.
I said goodbye to all the annoying daily pains that I was settling with. I said hello to more energy, better sleep, regulated cycles, freedom from sugar and caffeine addiction, and so much more. Now I have the knowledge, and use the tools when I need to, to continue living the highest quality of life.
Do you crave a change, but you don’t know where to start? If you’re ready to dive deep into how your body, mind, and soul work together, so you can experience your own nourishing revolution, then Body Flow is ready for you...


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Body Flow

Body Flow is a semi-self guided exploration of digestion, movement, and mindfulness aligned with your unique Human Design. It is a nourishing introduction to your design, or the perfect body-focused reset for your established personal growth practice. Inside the 10-day Body Flow journey you receive:

+ A private 20 minute virtual session with guide Libby Hoffmann, so you can receive personalized support and encouragement


+ Three (3) digital learning workbooks that deepen your knowledge and awareness, and help you personalize your journey


+ Four (4) pre recorded guidance videos that provide education and empowerment aligned with your human design


The Body Flow journey is structured for 10 days, but can be completed at your own pace. You receive lifetime access to all content! Content is delivered via email within 24 hours of purchase. 

Investment for Body Flow


5% of your investment is donated

to Soul Fire Farm

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