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nourishing products for mind, body, soul

Color Concepts | ebook

Color Concepts is a progressive guide to the Human Design Centers, inspired by the rainbow. Inside this new ebook, Human Design Guide Libby Hoffmann goes deep into the strength and wisdom of all 9 energy Centers, including relatable wisdom from Mother Nature and alignment tips for each Center definition.


"I'm so proud to offer Color Concepts to you! I created this guide with beauty + practicality in mind, and of course with tons of love. It is a valuable read for Human Design newcomers and seasoned pros alike. I hope all readers receive deeper support to go beyond the HD knowledge into progressive levels of embodiment."











--Libby Hoffmann | the Moderne Homemaker

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$13- US

Upgrade to Color Concepts - the workshop

$49- US

*$3- of each purchase of Color Concepts is donated to

the Ali Forney Center

Human Design Guide Libby Hoffmann introduces her ebook Color Concepts

Human Design Type Bookmarks


Keep a reminder close by to “make your soul at home,” personalized for your Human Design Type. Perfect for your journal, HD self study texts, and self development books. All 5 Human Design Types available: Manifestor, Reflector, Projector, Generator, Manifesting Generator. See photos of other Types below.

Details:  ea bookmark approx. 2”x6” - ribbon approx. 3” long - back printed “” on all styles. Designed + printed in the USA.


Free Shipping - Domestic US Shipping Only

$3- USD ea

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*Please specify Type and Ribbon Style at checkout above

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Moderne Homemaker
Intention Candle


An intention setting candle for deepening self love, healing, inner strength, higher perspective and abundance.


Handcrafted with a unique blend of inspirational herbs, natural crystal, and high quality fragrance oils in Virginia - USA. Small batch, created in collaboration with Vera The Lotus Mother.

Details:  8oz reusable matte black glass jar with polished gold finish lid. Soy blend wax. Wooden wick.

Ingredients:  basil, calendula, crushed carnelian, proprietary fragrance oil blend


Free Shipping - Domestic US Shipping Only

$39- USD ea

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Energy Infused
Bath Soak


Sun + Moon Infused Lavender Bath Soak


Made by hand with local homegrown herbs, local artisanal sea salt, and love in West Virginia - USA. Small batch, created and infused during Lion’s Gate 8.8.21 - 8.13.21  Infused with Leo Sun + Libra Moon energy.

Details:  16oz reusable glass jar - contains soak for approx. 3-4 baths. Handmade in the USA.

Ingredients:  coarse sea salt by JQ Dickinson, epsom salt, dried organic lavender, certified organic lavender essential oil, secret essential oil blend


Free Shipping - Domestic US Shipping Only

$33- USD ea


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