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Human Design Guide Libby Hoffmann wearing a yellow dress while sitting on a stone wall under trees

“When I was introduced to my individual human design, it was the biggest Welcome Home I have ever experienced. After learning I was a Projector, I felt so seen, recognized, and accepted. I felt free to drop the pressure of doing just to do, so I could spend more time and energy on embracing my unique strength and wisdom.

I dive into more natural flow and rhythm in my daily life, work and play than I ever believed was available to me. I easily avoid the resistance that caused so much frustration, bitterness and disappointment for me in the past. I claim the abundance that I was created for. What a relief, to come home to myself.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you learned how to work with your natural energy instead of against it?


If you only awaken to the foundations of Human Design, and fully embody your individual design at the basic level, you will change the world. But, if you're craving even more out of life and you’re ready to open the door wide for your soul to come home too, then I’m here to guide you.”

--Libby Hoffmann | the Moderne Homemaker

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the Roots Session

The Human Design Roots Session, is a foundational reading for HD beginners. In this session you receive personalized guidance for your specific journey, so you can plant yourself in solid ground and begin nourishing the roots of your experience.


Content includes energy Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, and a holistic analysis of the potential strength + wisdom in your individual design.

The HD Roots Session is a 30 minute pre-recorded video by Human Design Guide Libby Hoffmann. The recording is yours to keep forever. All Roots Sessions include a free digital copy of Color Concepts.

Libby offers limited Session spaces each month. Request availability here.

Human Design Roots Session

$111- USD

*5% of your purchase is donated to

The Loveland Foundation

the Personal Session

In a Personal HD Session, Libby will take you on a deep dive into the inner workings of your natural energy so you can receive intense clarity and focused guidance. She will illuminate areas for you to increase flow and lower resistance in your life, so you can experience more peace, satisfaction and joy.


Analysis includes your energy Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, Center definition, relevant Channels, and a detailed holistic discussion of your individual Incarnation Cross.

You’ll learn how to embrace your innate strength + wisdom, recognize + release conditioning, and how to work in harmony with your authentic self, so you can:

+ Simplify your life, saving time and energy every day

+ Make decisions with ease and clarity

+ Minimize stress and chaos


The Personal HD Session is a 90 minute live video call with Human Design Guide Libby Hoffmann. You receive a recording of the live session to keep forever. All Personal Human Design Sessions include a free digital copy of Color Concepts and a personalized HD Type Bookmark.


This session is especially helpful if you’ve already experimented with living your design and are ready to go beyond the basics.  You may even choose a deeper level of focus for your session. Popular areas include career/business, major life transition, and inner shadow work. You will have the opportunity to request your desired focus prior to scheduling your session.

Libby offers limited Session spaces each month. Invest in your Session below, or add your name to the Waitlist for future priority booking + a free gift.

You will be able to book your Session after purchase.

Personal Human Design Session

$297- USD

*5% of your purchase is donated to

The Loveland Foundation


Human Design + Relationships


Relationship HD Sessions are for loving partnerships or parent/child relationships. The relationship session includes analysis of two or more people's designs. Libby illuminates each person's innate gifts, and highlights the friendship + magnetism available within the combined energy. After a session, you’re able to harmonize and fortify your relationship using Libby’s inspired guidance and the lens of Human Design.

Human Design Guide Libby Hoffmann walking with two small sons in a grassy field

The Relationship HD Session is a 90 minute live video call with Human Design Guide Libby Hoffmann. You may choose to have the session with or without your partner/child. *Children must be 18yrs old to be included in a live session. You receive a recording of the live session to keep forever. Purchase and book below.

Relationship Human Design Session

$449- USD per couple

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What People Are Saying


Salena T.

Splenic Manifestor

“I was in a massive spiritual growth and self discovery year, but I knew there was a piece missing in order for me to step into my next chapter of life. When I heard of Libby and her gift of human design readings I knew at a soul level it was that missing piece.

Libby’s reading helped me feel whole and at peace with the changes in my life and business. I was able to identify different areas of growth and see patterns and beliefs from a lifetime of conditioning. For years I dimmed to soften my power and energy around others. She gave me even more clarity on WHY it is so important for me to step into my calling, use my voice and lead as a Manifestor.

I’ve gained the confidence I needed to back away from a misaligned corporate job, and delegate work to build my own business so I can step fully into leadership, while having more time, energy, and impact. To anyone considering a human design reading with it. It has given me a better understanding as a mom, wife, daughter, woman,  healer and businesswoman.”

“When I had my first reading with Libby it was right at the time that I needed guidance. I was 8 months pregnant and I needed a direction of what to do with my career. After our reading I decided that it was a full body yes to leave my 9-5 job at a gym and go for a full body yes in my biz. I love working with Libby, she’s so knowledgeable in human design & I still listen to our reading and get golden nuggets each time!”


Melissa M. | Manifesting Generator

Claudia D. | Manifesting Generator

"Is it normal to feel like your soul has been set on fire after a reading? Because I feel like I don’t know what to do with all this energy and strength that I feel. It was affirming and empowering to hear my chart from her analysis and interpretation, and I am so glad that I made this investment in me. I just want to keep leaning into this feeling until it feels like status quo for me. Thank you Libby!”


Karla L.

Mental Projector

“I loved my HD Session with Libby! I had already learned a lot about Projectors and had a basic reading from someone else, but I wanted to know more because I love to know ALL the things :-) She went into more detail than I had in the previous reading, and she made understanding the details of my design simple and FUN. And I get to go back over the call and my mantras any time to grasp the wisdom nuggets. Libby is amazing and unique in what she does. I also love that she has a heart for Black Lives Matter. I am so grateful for her mix of talents. Libby is the perfect person to help you make yourself at home within yourself.”   

“I loved my session with Libby! I’m new to human design and other than knowing that I’m a Projector, I didn’t know how to interpret my chart at all. Initially, I was afraid that being a Projector meant I’m not proactive enough in life, but I realized that I had other strengths in my chart that balances my soul blueprint. It was so helpful and much needed to have an expert in the human design space to answer questions about my chart and how to integrate [the knowledge] into my everyday life.”

Judy L. | Self-Projected Projector

"Life before my personal human design reading with Libby was frustrating and gloomy. In the past, I had done a fairly good job of living by my design in waiting to respond, but [because of pressure I felt from others] I asserted myself in areas where I did not feel a need to respond. I was always on edge and stressed out. After the reading, [and sharing it with] my husband, he now understands my need to respond instead of initiate. It's been a relief!

My biggest take away is to TRUST my gut; trust that uh-huh and uh-uhn. I’m resigning from my current job and have already gotten clients in my new career. I am ecstatic! Working with Libby was wonderful. You can tell she cares passionately about Human Design as she and her family are living it and she has a sereneness about her that is so peaceful.”

– Anonymous | Generator