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Nurture X Nature

with Libby Hoffmann | Moderne Homemaker
the seasonal journey
for women to
awaken, center, renew
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This is the journey to awaken and strengthen the sacred woman within you. To embrace and embody all the beautiful facets of your authentic self--your Human Design. To deepen in to nourishing yourself, in harmony with your individual nature and the natural rhythm of Mother Earth, so you can...

+ find joy and purpose in your daily life


+ feel less stressed, more confident, and have peace of mind through all seasons


+ drop the guilt of comparison to truly love being who YOU are

Claim the abundance you were created for.

Looking at the Flowers

In honesty, I created this journey for myself, because for a time in my life I was the woman who needed it most.

Maybe you’re that woman too?


You’re tired of the surface level temporary fixes, because you know there’s a beautiful depth to yourself waiting to be explored.


You’ve felt the stirrings deep inside, but have been too afraid to trust your own wisdom. It's been too hard to quiet the outside noise for you to hear your inner voice.


You long for your busy mind to feel free and safe in your body. You desire clarity from deep within.


You're craving deep connection to yourself and your purpose, so you can live joyfully through every season.


You're ready for less force, more ease.


If you’re still reading, then this may be the journey you've been waiting for...
Are you ready to step toward your desire? I would be honored to guide you...

Nurture by Nature enrollment is always open! You may request more information by submitting the form below, or keep reading for more details.


Nurture X Nature

the details

Nurture by Nature is a unique combination of practical knowledge, inspired guidance, and down-to-earth support. Your experience is highly individual using the methods and tools aligned with your unique energetic blueprint (your human design). Prior experience with the Human Design System is not required!

Together, we approach self care in a multi-faceted way, for your mind-body-soul, so you receive deep lasting results. You will complete the Nurture X Nature journey prepared and empowered to move forward in your life with clarity, purpose, and joy.

The program includes:

+ A beautiful printable Guidebook, setup to support you for at least 8 weeks, with rituals, activities, and more to personalize your journey

+ Lifetime access to the full Digital Library, including four Learning Modules, which are a mix of video, audio, and written material

+ A personal Human Design Roots Session with Libby Hoffmann

You may begin your Nurture x Nature journey at any time you choose. You'll receive access to the content within 24hrs after purchase.


Investment : $395- USD

or 4x $99- USD biweekly



You may request more information and

details on extended payment plans below.

A portion of your investment with Moderne Homemaker is always given back to support local + global causes and communities in need. This season, 5% of your investment will go to Black Urban Growers

Do you have questions about this transformative journey? I'm happy to connectSubmit your info below. 

Nurture X Nature
Request Information

Thank you for connecting.

I will be in touch soon!

Nurture X Nature Results

"Prior to working with Libby, I had been diving into my spiritual development for about a year and I had experience with 1:1 coaching. I was hesitant to register for another program, but I followed my sacral and I’m so glad I did! NxN helped me to tap into soul care that I never even knew I needed. I found my connection to Mother Nature and the moon. Hello, divine feminine <3  I was able to dive into my human design in a way that was beyond understanding my chart. Libby showed me how to use my strength + wisdom to establish boundaries and engage in healthy relationships. I have used these tools in my personal life to shed judgement and the need for approval. And with my clients, I find that I am able to successfully lead & receive positive feedback/results because I KNOW my strengths and how to use them. I feel so confident in my ability to pursue my passion and my soul has truly found a home in this world. I am now able to run 2 businesses and stay at home with my children, while still taking care of ME because I have the tools to put my needs first! Everything has aligned beautifully and my entire life has transformed thanks to Libby! So so grateful for NxN."

Margie K | 5/1 Manifesting Generator

"Nurture x Nature is a wonderful program.  I learned so much about myself and many new self-care strategies.  Libby is very knowledgeable and inspiring to work with.  She provided several new tools and techniques that I will continue to use and incorporate into my life."

Christina S | 3/5 Manifesting Generator

"Before Nurture x Nature, I was struggling with anxiety and feeling purpose in my life. I wanted to find out who I was and how to connect with my soul beyond being a mother and a wife. I had just started learning about Human Design but needed some guidance to integrate what I was learning. During my journey, I was able to use the grounding practices, HD knowledge, and connection to the Earth/Moon to increase my self awareness so I can stay present [and receive abundance] in all seasons of life. Now I feel more confident in planning for the future depending on my energy, emotions, and mood. Being able to hear/feel my inner Splenic Authority was my main goal and I achieved it! I can't express how grateful I am to have had those private sessions with Libby to really understand and talk through my doubts, needs and feelings. What a breakthrough! My biggest hesitation to joining NxN was investing in MYSELF, but through this journey I was reminded that I am whole and worthy. My happiness doesn't reside with anyone else but myself. Now, I am fully living my design with more confidence and ease! I am continuing to trust my Authority and I know how important it is for my wellbeing to make decisions with my Spleen and Heart."

Leigh Ann M | 1/3 Projector

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