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Strength + Wisdom

your mantra for daily mindfulness


Are you new to personal growth?

Have you tried practicing daily affirmations, even with consistency, but have been frustrated by lackluster (or zero) results?

You’re not alone.

I admit I was a huge skeptic of practicing affirmations. Mentors and business coaches told me they were crucial for personal growth. But it sounded so hokey to repeat things about myself that I honestly thought were not true.


I started with the cookie cutter basics...I am strong, I am brave, I am (insert next level career position here). Most of the words just became something to memorize, and did not help me manifest anything specific in my life. Total Bummer.


But some of the lines I repeated over and over were actually personal qualities deeply rooted in my heart. The more I heard the positive words of who I desired to be in my mind, the more I started to actually listen.
When I was faced with my flaring temper, I heard the words, “I am patient. I am kind.”


When I was feeling unsure about my worth and unclear about my work, I heard “I’m changing lives. I’m sharing God’s love.”


And now in moments of doubt I can reset my intention and pivot my mind to support my actions and purpose.

So why are affirmations such an epic fail for so many people?

A recent study* showed that a generic affirmation can actually cause more turmoil instead of positive change, if it’s not aligned with your subconscious. Psychologists in the study suggested rephrasing the affirmation as a question, which sparks the subconscious to wake up and go into action; to meet in the middle with the conscious self.
In order for affirmations to truly work, they have to be aligned with YOU-- your authentic self.


This is the work I do using Human Design.


The Human Design System is about awakening to and experimenting with your unconscious and conscious self, and in harmony with your holistic energetic blueprint. Aligned affirmations must draw from your innate strengths and play into your unique sources of energetic wisdom.


Are you finished with wasting precious time and energy on generic affirmations that don't work anyway?


Do you want a simple yet powerful tool, personalized for YOU, that you can use daily to feel more...

Mentally Focused




Yes?! Then get your FREE guide to creating your own Strength + Wisdom Mantra now!

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What People Are Saying

“OMG. This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. This isn’t just a mantra. This is the ART of my design put together in words.”   --Christine B | Human Design Projector

"I loved how it made me feel immediately. I am going to print it out so I can see it on my desk daily!"


Lauren McMullen, Intuitive Fulfillment Coach, Realtor

Human Design - Manifesting Generator

Lauren M.jpg

"It's so powerful and feels so aligned [with] my teaching and the mirror shown to me to continue to work on!"

Teri Gosselin, Inner Peace Alchemist + Healer

Human Design - Projector

*Reference: Senay, I., Albarracín, D., & Noguchi, K. (2010). Motivating Goal-Directed Behavior Through Introspective Self-Talk: The Role of the Interrogative Form of Simple Future Tense. Psychological Science 21(4), 499-504.

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