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Human Design Profile - The Six Lines

This is part two of Human Design Explained by Libby Hoffmann - Moderne Homemaker

“All the world is a stage.” Human Design Profile is like the costume you wear that helps distinguish your part and place on the stage of life. It is another layer of your individual design that can bring you greater self acceptance and boost your personal power. You can find Profile in your bodygraph information as a 2-digit number (formatted X/X). It is one of twelve possible combinations of the six Lines used in the Human Design System. I suggest using this free tool to generate your bodygraph.

Profile highlights the duality that exists in all of us. This duality is what helps make us each complex. Tapping into the natural themes of your Profile gives you another way to harmonize all your individual characteristics, and helps you live as your authentic self. Stepping into your Profile brings more ease through your life when used correctly with your Strategy + Authority, so you can experience your Signature of alignment more consistently.

Now, brace yourself for a little technical jargon…

Profile is a synthesis of your unconscious and conscious hexagram line definition at your defined Sun Gate. The two numbers of your Profile are the little numbers shown next to each Gate number at the first planet (Sun) under your unconscious Design side (red) and the conscious Personality side (black). For example, if your conscious Sun is labeled 49.2 and your unconscious Sun is 4.4—that means you have the 2/4 Profile.

I created the following Guide to the Six Profile Lines for you to have a foundational understanding of the Six Lines. Each Line is listed with its traditional name first, and I've also included my “Moderne” interpretation. I invite you to review the explanation for each side of your Profile for a holistic understanding.

For example, if you have a 2/4 Profile (like me!), then read both the 2nd Line and 4th Line and reflect on how the two lines can work together and how they may feel conflicting. You may identify more with your conscious personality side than your unconscious body side, which is totally normal. Growing your connection to the unconscious parts of your design is part of the journey.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you begin to explore your individual Profile:

  • How or where can you build awareness of the unconscious expression of your Profile?

  • How or when do you feel dissonance between the two Lines of your Profile? How can you give yourself more grace and care here?

  • How or when do you feel harmony between the two Lines of your Profile? How can you honor and sink into the feeling of alignment here?

  • How can you step more into your Profile using your Strategy and Authority to guide you?

The Six Profile Lines

Line 1 – Investigator

Moderne Archetype: the Researcher

Line 1 is naturally introspective and is easily self-absorbed in their own process of research and discovery. They love going deep into their investigating, so they can build a solid and safe foundation for their knowledge and wisdom to flourish. They feel most nourished with freedom and control over their environment, clarity through details, and independent time for creativity + study.

Line 1 Motto: I am free to learn. Diving deep is my superpower.

Line 2 – Hermit

Moderne Archetype: the Natural

Line 2 is naturally introspective and is easily self-absorbed in their own natural talents, interests, and individual process; they may not be able to see these as gifts outside of themselves. They love time alone so they can practice mastering their gifts and building their wisdom without projection from others . They feel most nourished with pressure-free encouragement from others, control over their own time + space, and permission for unlimited creativity, rest + play through their process.

Line 2 Motto: I am free to be who I am. Aligned sharing is my superpower.

Line 3 – Martyr

Moderne Archetype: the Scientist

Line 3 is naturally introspective and is easily excited by their own process of evolution, through trial-and-error of their personal experience. They love jumping in “to do,” so they can experiment and find out what does and doesn’t work for themselves. They feel most nourished with freedom to explore and try new things, expectation-free encouragement, and some time to reflect on their “mistakes” and anchor in the lessons.

Line 3 Motto: I am free to experiment. My process is my superpower.

Line 4 – Opportunist

Moderne Archetype: the Networker

Line 4 has a more external perspective and is naturally focused on their relationships. They love connecting with others and forming friendships to create opportunity for them to influence, be influenced and impact from within their network. They feel most nourished when they can cultivate warm relationships without expectation, focus on the quality of their network over quantity, and set boundaries to balance their time with others with time alone.

Line 4 Motto: I am free to support + connect. My relationships are my superpower.

Line 5 – Heretic

Moderne Archetype: the Solutionist

Line 5 has a more external perspective and is naturally focused on their transpersonal interactions. They love being able to guide others and help them through challenges with practical solutions. Others naturally project their problems onto them, so it’s important for Line 5’s to set clear boundaries when ending and forming new relationships. They feel most nourished when they can use their magnetic persona in healthy ways to form correct relationships, have control over their privacy/private life, and feel free to make and break bonds as they reevaluate their alignment with others.

Line 5 Motto: I am free to make it work or walk away. My strategic wisdom is my superpower.

Line 6 – Role Model

Moderne Archetype: the Butterfly

Line 6 has a more complex perspective, as their focus shifts from personal to transpersonal over a 3-phase life cycle. During the first phase, from birth until around the age of 30, they operate as a Line 3 (caterpillar). During the second phase, from about age 30 – 50, they take a step back from their trial-and-error process to analyze, reflect, nurture close relationships, and ground in their wisdom (chrysalis). In the final stage, after about age 50, they will be called out by others as the “role model,” and if they’re living in alignment, will experience an even deeper level of fulfillment.

Throughout all stages of life, they love being able to externalize their experience, and share their wisdom and lessons with others. They feel most nourished when they are aware of their current phase, relax into the timing of their life, and are able to experience their process freely and appreciate the beauty that’s available in all stages.

Line 6 Motto: I am free to create + receive abundance through all cycles. Transformation is my superpower.

Libby Hoffmann - Moderne Homemaker

Libby Hoffmann is a holistic wellness guide specializing in the Human Design System, and the founder of Moderne Homemaker. She is a birth and postpartum doula, mother of two, and author of the children's book We Are All Light. Find out more about the Moderne Homemaker movement at

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