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Find Your Fairy

a free masterclass with Libby Hoffmann

Do you lead a magical life?

For a long time I tried to ignore my own magic. I tried to put away "childish things" like listening to my small inner voice and answering the call of Mother Nature. I tried to walk the familiar path to success—the one that most of us are led astray to follow, away from ourselves. But that system of conformity only led me to frustration, disappointment, and exhaustion. If you’re feeling the same disconnection and doubt, then I’m here to guide you.


Through my self-love journey, embodying my unique human design and soul codes, and following Mother Nature's example, I've found there are 3 principles that continually help me stay on my individual path to abundance. I guide you through personalizing these principles inside Nurture X Nature, and I created Find Your Fairy to get started cultivating this magic for yourself at any time.

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In this free workshop, you will...

+ gain clarity by uncovering your strongest elemental vibe(s)

+ learn ways to nourish the sacred fairy energy inside you, so you can embrace the magic of being who you are instead of over-doing


+ prep yourself for going with your natural flow so you can move thru the next season with more ease and joy

The fairy world reminds us that we were created to celebrate both the magical and the mundane. You have the power to fly and twinkle even when no one is watching—you just have to know where to look.


Access Find Your Fairy below…

Find Your Fairy - free masterclass
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