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Abundant Truth from Mother Nature

When I was a little girl, from the age of three to five years old, I lived in a low income housing development-- the “projects.” This environment is not typically viewed as the best place for connecting with the earth, but my tenacious desire prevailed and those years became the foundation of my deep love affair with Mother Nature.

Even with a lack of resources, I created my own sanctuaries in unseemly places:

I carefully traced the geometry of cracked mud. I spent endless hours searching for four leaf clovers, wild strawberries, and magical fairies in the sparse grassy patches. I dangled upside down off the side of my bed to cloud watch through my bedroom window. When I was “old enough,” I played outside barefoot from dawn ‘til dusk, and went home with black bottom feet “before it got dark.”

The sun was my clock, the plants were my teachers, and the changing seasons were my muses. In my eyes, the whole world was my playground, so I didn’t really know I was “poor.” The truth is, I wasn’t really poor. I always had Mother Nature’s bounty at my fingertips, and I chose to revel in it.

Libby Hoffmann standing on the grass in the sunshine, among the trees in State Arboretum of Virginia

Now as an adult, my heart still swells with wonder and gratitude for all the natural gifts that surround us. I adore seeing my little boys find special rocks, hug the trees, and gently pick our local wild berries. The sights, the sounds, the tastes, smells, and textures—we are a part of the rich landscape of Creation. It is all at our fingertips, yet we have to make ourselves available to receive. We have to open our eyes and hearts to all the ways Mother Nature gives and expects to receive.

The truth is, Mother Nature has been at it for millennia: planting, growing, and transforming. She’s a powerful broad and ultimately doesn’t need us, and yet there is always a desire to be with us. She’s a mother-- she wants to nurture her children. She wants us to thrive together. She needs us to be good stewards, and good neighbors.

As we move into the heart of Summer, let’s celebrate what we’ll harvest soon, but let’s not forget how rich we already are. Take this time to ground in to the truth of your inner landscape and let Mother Nature guide you. Keep reading for my inspired messages for each Human Design Type. If you don’t know your Human Design Type, you can look it up using my favorite free Human Design bodygraph generator here.

Love through all seasons,

-- Libby

Truth from Mother Nature for each Human Design Type

Truth for Manifestors: You’re the powerful fertilizer that’s not meant for every flower. Keep your charge potent and clear through informing others of who you are and what you desire to give. Stay open to the right relationships and closed to the wrong ones to cultivate personal Peace.

Truth for Generators + Manifesting Generators: You’re the tall beautiful sunflower, that with the right light and soil, grows and grows. For maximum Satisfaction, do what makes you smile, and move beyond what doesn’t. Remember to celebrate, and pause for nourishment when you start to droop.

Truth for Projectors: It doesn’t matter what your petals look like, it’s the sweetness of your nectar that brings the right invitations your way. Let your inner strength and wisdom shine through, then sweet Success will be yours.

Truth for Reflectors: Remember that you experience all seasons in a lunar cycle. Keep asking yourself, “Who am I today?” Be open to change for consistent Joy + Delight. If you feel stuck, remember that we don’t always get to see the growth. Trust like the planted seed; there is always something happening, even if it’s underground.

Libby Hoffmann is a holistic wellness guide specializing in the Human Design System. She is a birth and postpartum doula, mother of two, and author of the children's book We Are All Light. Find out more about the Moderne Homemaker movement at

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